What are the safety regulations for passenger devices of water amusement equipment

What are the safety regulations for passenger devices of water amusement equipment

When we play dangerous and easily thrown amusement equipment in the water park, we usually have safety devices. After all, safety is the most important thing. This is related to the safety of passengers. Therefore, these restraint devices must have safety regulations. So what are the safety regulations for passenger devices in water amusement equipment ?

1. The restraint device should be reliable and comfortable, and the parts directly in contact with the passenger should have appropriate flexibility. The design should be able to prevent a certain part of the passenger from being pinched or crushed, and should be easy to adjust and easy to operate.

2. Water amusement equipment must be equipped with a corresponding form of restraint device according to the difference in equipment performance, operation mode and speed.

3. For dangerous amusement facilities, two sets of independent restraint devices should be considered when necessary. The restraint devices can be seat belts, safety levers, etc.

4. The restraint device should be fixed on the structure of the amusement equipment, and must withstand the maximum force that occurs under normal working conditions.

5. The restraint device of the restraint device can still maintain its locked state in the event of a functional failure of the amusement device or emergency stop brake, unless emergency measures to guide passengers are taken.

6. When amusement facilities are in operation, when passengers are likely to be moved, collided, or thrown out or slipped out of the slide, a passenger restraint device must be installed (also used to restrain improper behavior of passengers )