What are the most popular water amusement equipment for investors?

What are the most popular water amusement equipment for investors?

Grab the tail of august and experience the wave of the water park! Today is the qixi festival, first wish all lovers in the world will finally be married, happy! Did the lovers meet to go to the water park to play? The hot summer months, the status quo popular water park has attracted many investors to join in, then the water play equipment dazzling, most popular among investors water play equipment, what does?

1. Water slides.

There are a variety of water slides in the water park, which can be said to be a weapon for attracting people’s attention in the water park. The giant Beast Bowl slide is the most popular among young people. Tourists first take a kayak to enter the enclosed slide from a ten-meter-high platform. Under the action of gravity and water flow, they accelerate downhill, and then rush into the giant bowl at high speed through a revolving curve. The rainbow raceway slide is also a very classic type of water slide in the water park. Participants can start at the same time. The interaction is very strong, allowing visitors to participate in the competition multiple times and get a fun and refreshing experience. The family small cupola swing slide is a brand-new product developed for the lack of parent-child interactive water slides on the market. It is carried by an adult and a child. It is full of fun and high safety performance. This is a paradise for parent-child joy. There are more than a dozen kinds of water slides that are popular with tourists, whether they are thrilling or unique, they can bring tourists a whole day of joy and novelty.

2. Haven’t been to the beach to feel the waves beating in the wave pool?

 The wave pool built by guangzhou Blue Wave will help tourists realize their desire to play by the sea. As a water park investor, how can you miss this fun water amusement device? The size of the wave pool varies, depending on customer needs and site conditions, ranging from a few hundred square meters to tens of thousands of square meters. It is one of the indispensable facilities in the water park and the most concentrated in the water park. Popular play item. In the hot summer, the whole family can go to the surf pool to feel the waves beating, and it will be more comfortable for couples.

3. Water House and Water Village.

The ocean water house water village is based on the theme of magical marine life, and a large bucket is in the center to “moisturize everything”. Multiple slides are coiled around, and there are a variety of styles that can be designed flexibly, and the interaction and fun are integrated, which is especially suitable for children to play. And the content is rich and beautiful, the appearance is vivid and cartoon, very interesting.