How to increase the marketing highlights of the water park

How to increase the marketing highlights of the water park

School is about to start if you don’t play with the water park equipment ! Waterpark want to catch the major scale new peak passenger flow before the school year, to nearly every water park is a sea of people, tourists like to play wave pool under the dumplings as tyrants accounted for the entire sea, want to make passenger flow reached a higher level , then it is necessary to increase the marketing highlights of the water park. Water park marketing is for the purpose of creating benefits and gathering popularity as a means. It does not necessarily mean that every point must be done well. It is necessary to choose the most suitable marketing combination method according to the situation of the target market, the consumption habits and consumption ability of the target population, as well as its own marketing capabilities and cost budgets. How to increase the marketing highlights of the water park?

1. Promotion methods should be flexible and diverse. The so-called promotion is to let the guests taste the sweetness. For example, the most direct is the discount on the fare, or even free. This is the most common type of promotion, mainly based on the pending time period, such as the opening period, working days, specific programs, etc., and based on special groups of people, such as children, students, and the elderly. The specific discount rate should be determined according to the actual situation. For free-to-play promotional methods, we do not agree too much, unless it is to gather popularity rather than sell tickets. For this discount fare promotions should be used with caution, a last resort, and the intensity is not too large, often at a discount of some time later, tourists accustomed to discount prices, which inevitably there is a price difference, restore the original price At that time, tourists will feel that the tickets are expensive again.

2. Bundled promotion method, which is bundled with surrounding hotels, supporting attractions, even gas stations and parking lots. The one-ticket system is convenient for tourists to travel while still getting benefits. Why not?

3. Group promotion. Assuming a family of three comes to the water park to play, one child ticket is free, a couple comes to play and half price is given to women, and a group of more than 10 people can free 1-2 people . And other preferential measures, so that tourists will bring more people over to play, increase the overall popularity of the water park, and give tourists a very human feeling.

4. Circular promotion, you can give a cash coupon of 10-20 yuan when you buy tickets to encourage tourists to play again or introduce other friends to play. Promotional variety of ways, but the overall aim is to attract more people over to play, create better benefits for the water park.