What are the factors that determine the investment cost of indoor children’s water park equipment?

What are the factors that determine the investment cost of indoor children's water park equipment?

Children-related industries are enduring. There are currently 230 million children aged 0-8 in china, and there are more than 25 million new born populations each year. Among them, there are 80 million children aged 0-8 in urban areas, with an average annual cost of 5,000 children. dollars count, the size of the market sales of 10,000 billion, and with the two-child policy is fully open, the children’s market wealth has gold than you can imagine! Affected by many factors, the capital investment span of indoor children’s playground equipment is also very large. A few tens of thousands of yuan is enough, and the more can reach several million yuan or more. Investors can decide according to their personal economic strength. 

So, what are the specific factors that will affect the capital investment of children’s water parks?

 How much does it cost to open a children’s water amusement park?

Venue rent, this is the first step in investing in a water park. Only by finding a suitable venue can we carry out the next work, otherwise it is all on paper. The rent of the venue is mainly affected by the location and size of the venue.

According to industry experience, children’s water parks are generally selected in areas with high traffic, while shopping malls and supermarkets are more crowded, and they are more suitable for renting as water parks. It is a good choice. These positions belong to the golden section, the traffic is relatively high, operators often able to recover the costs in the short term, but the rent is relatively high. It takes a certain amount of funds to get it done.

In order to save money, some investors tend to choose a relatively deserted place, and in the end they can’t even earn the rent. Therefore, indoor children’s water parks cannot be opened in places that are too deserted. As for the site area, the larger the area, the higher the rent will naturally be. Then there are more water amusement equipment contained in the unit area, and the entire children’s playground is more interesting and playable.

So, when economic conditions permit, the larger the area, the better? Certainly not! The area of ​​the site has to be analyzed based on the local passenger flow. The area of ​​the site is too large, causing waste and increasing operating costs. Just fit.

The purchase cost of water amusement equipment can be said to be the least amount of money saved. Investors choose a formal manufacturer. While ensuring the quality of the equipment, they should pay attention to the fun and playability of the equipment itself. For investors who are not sufficiently funded in the early stage, they can reserve an area to wait for the children’s water park to make a profit. New water amusement equipment will be added later.