How to choose a water park equipment manufacturer?

How to choose a water park equipment manufacturer?

We are in an era of developed Internet. You can Baidu the answers to questions you want to know with your fingers. If you choose to invest in a water park, you will definitely search for the construction of related water parks. For example, investing in a water park is about how much they cost, how much area water park equipment for what to put, to choose what kind of water park equipment manufacturers and other issues. 

Below, Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. summarizes some suggestions on how to choose water park equipment manufacturers, and gives investors a solution to build water parks based on their own budget.

1. Should the water park equipment be domestic or imported?
The quality of foreign water park equipment is good, but the price of good products is more expensive. In recent years, the quality of domestic water park equipment has been greatly improved. Under the premise that safety and quality can be guaranteed, the types of domestic water park equipment are becoming more and more abundant, and some large water park equipment manufacturers have R&D teams. , Independently developed equipment that attracts Chinese people’s interest.

2. Do manufacturers of water park equipment need to inspect?
A valid business license that matches the scope of business is a legally-operated enterprise, because the business license is the basic qualification of the manufacturer. If it is a large theme water park, it is best to go to the manufacturer to inspect the manufacturer’s production site and production equipment. And whether the design and R&D capabilities and professional explanations are reasonable. Choosing a manufacturer is more secure.

3. Does the manufacturer have experience in designing large-scale water parks?
Generally speaking, professional water park equipment manufacturers must have their own factories, and can independently develop and design new products, and have a certain understanding of the environmental landscape. Such a manufacturer can not only produce equipment, but also create a theme water park based on local cultural characteristics, which is an ideal partner for cooperation.

4. How to distinguish the quality of product equipment?
At present, there are countless domestic manufacturers of water park equipment, most of which are concentrated in Panyu District, Guangzhou. Each manufacturer has its own process and production technology. The quality of the product is not only related to the raw materials used, but also closely related to the production process. For example, the painting process and welding process of the water slide.

5. Does the manufacturer provide after-sales service?
If the manufacturer only produces equipment, it is not a good partner without good after-sales service. After purchasing the water park equipment, is the warranty period and warranty service items specified in the equipment purchase contract? Powerful manufacturers will list the maintenance, maintenance and repair attention problems and methods in the operation instruction manual, and provide quick repair methods. When an unexpected situation occurs and the customer cannot repair it on his own, can the manufacturer make a timely solution and send professionals to the scene to help the customer quickly deal with it? These are all issues that need to be clear for after-sales service. Therefore, investment customers must not ignore the after-sales service selection of manufacturers.

With the development of water park equipment manufacturers, they have begun to diversify. When choosing water park equipment, you must keep your eyes open, check more successful cases, and see whether the after-sales service is good or bad, so that you can give your water park a good after-sales service. Quality Guaranteed.