Lanchao provides quality water park facilities

Water parks originally originated from human understanding of life and perceptions of life. As we all know, life lies in sports, so sports will bring the joy of life. If hot springs emphasize “quiet and enlightenment”, then water parks pursue “motion”.


Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Nansha District, Guangzhou. It is a large-scale water park facility enterprise integrating product design and development, production and sales, construction services and project planning . It is a professional manufacturer and supplier of complete sets of water amusement facilities. Production and supply of major products include: water park equipment, large-scale water on recreation facilities, water slides, artificial waves equipment, children Equi, water house kiosk, spa facilities, water treatment equipment, Fountain equipment. Here are a few models of high-quality water park:

1. Double towering water slides maneuver especially for those who prefer thrilling, exciting dare to challenge the crowd


2. The giant swing water slide has a strong visual impact and appealing power, which makes viewers feel terrified


3. The space basin slide is suitable for all kinds of tourists, and its trajectory changes variously, which is favored by customers.


4. The wave slide allows visitors to repeatedly experience the mysterious feeling of weightlessness and overweight, and feel the happiness of life and the feeling of speeding.


5. The high-speed combined slide is the slide with the highest speed, the steepest slope, the fastest speed, and the biggest scream.


6. The large-scale happy water house is based on the theme of magical marine life. A turning bucket is located in the center, and multiple slides such as various passages are coiled around.


7. The equipment of the wave pool lies in flexible area design, intelligent operation, and good continuity of the waves. Suddenly a huge wave hits the face, and the crazy and spectacular scene is breathtaking.


8. All kinds of children’s water play sketches, vivid and cute, attract the attention of children, and show their innocence.


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