Water park equipment water slide equipment use precautions

Water park equipment water slide equipment use precautions

There are a lot of water park equipment, so how to check the water equipment? What are the precautions for the blue tide water slide equipment?


1. Before starting the water slide equipment, check the inside of the slide groove to confirm whether there are burrs or other damages in the water slide groove. If any, it must be polished and repaired in time to ensure the smooth inner surface of the slide and continue to use it with confidence.

2. Check whether the water level of the buffer tank of the water slide is at the designed water depth. If it is not at the designed water level, measures should be taken to adjust the sink pool. When the water depth reaches the requirement, the water supply pump of the slide can be started.

3. Water slides cannot be opened to tourists during the commissioning period, and must be inspected by equipment commissioning personnel before they can be opened to tourists.

4. Before turning on the electric control system of the water slide, observe whether the power indicator is normal, and remove the fault before the fault indicator is turned on. The voltage indication must be within the allowable range.

5. Check whether the various valves of the water slide are in the normal position, if not, adjust in time.

6. Precautions for water slides: You must slide down in order and follow the instructions of the relevant staff. When you slide down, you must not loosen the handrails or change other postures. When you slide down into the sink, you must leave immediately and do not stay at the exit of the slide. Do not wear hardware items such as glasses or watches.