Safety instructions for the use of water slide equipment in water parks

Among the water park projects, water slides are the most popular water park projects among young people, because water slides are exciting and thrilling enough to allow young people to experience different passions. But the blue tide water park equipment manufacturers remind you: Although the water park water slide project is relatively safe, it also needs to have safety awareness during use, so as to better protect yourself.

  1. First: Strictly abide by order and follow the instructions of the staff, especially parents with children, must take care of the children. So as to avoid accidents.
  2. Second: When playing a water slide, you must use the correct posture to slide down, and never do dangerous movements such as head sliding.
  3. Third: During the descent of the water slide, no slapstick behavior is allowed. This will not only cause harm to yourself, but also cause inevitable harm to others.
  4. Fourth: Pregnant women and children under 1.4 meters must not play water slides
  5. In addition to the above precautions, do not damage the water slide equipment during the sliding process of the water slide. Only those with safety awareness can enjoy the thrills and excitement of water slides.