Water park equipment sharing: a trip to Changlong Water Park

Water park equipment sharing: a trip to Changlong Water Park

On a sunny and sunny saturday, the members of guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. Took advantage of the summer to go to chimelong water park to experience the excitement and joy of the water park. Although we are born producing water park equipment , but true to the long long water park only to find that so beautiful! Everyone is happy to play various projects together. In mid-September, it was still very hot, but I really liked the feeling of being able to play in the water in the summer. I thought there would be no more people after the summer vacation, but we went to the changlong water Park at ten o’clock. Wow! There are so many people crowding the entire water park, I am really worried that if one is not careful, our team will not be found.

 Have booked tickets online before, so when we go to changlong, we can go directly to the scenic spot to get the tickets and then enter the park. Because we bought two tickets, a group of us also saved a lot of money! After we went into the shop to buy swimming trunks, a few male students did not bring swim trunks is more a disadvantage in swimming trunks there a need for $ 90, it is proposed to go to the water park to play ahead of the best of friends outside shop It’s not that expensive to buy it online or online! Next, after changing the swimsuit and swimming trunks , we will start our water trip. There are so many fun water amusement facilities in it, and there are relatively many people on Saturdays and Sundays, so we divided into several groups, went to play separately, and gathered at the Redang Valley restaurant on the side of the park at one noon .

The first project we went to play was the giant beast bowl slide. Because there were too many people, we lined up there for about half an hour, and finally it was our turn. The four of us sat on the floating mats. , grasp the handle with both hands , the feet are straight and placed in the middle, the four people are stacked in the middle, as the staff counts down to 3.2.1, we begin to slide down and scream from the heights into the huge bowl , The four-ring rotation brings you the feeling of spinning around the world , and you will be strongly inhaled by a black hole in the panic. You will experience the centrifugal weightlessness and overcome fear at the same time. The extraordinary excitement journey allows us to feel the unique fun of playing in the water.

The second project is juhong gorge. You don’t need to wait for a long time. In the past, you can go into the water directly by putting on a life jacket and a life preserver. The “Juhong gorge” surrounds the entire “Heatwave valley” area, bringing us an experience comparable to the huge waves in the hawaiian valley! In the long and narrow canyon, only the huge waves are with you. We cheered and laughed loudly. The wave behind pushed us into the crowd in front. Because I was too light, I was forced to be with the other friends behind.” Scattered”. When I reached the exit, I was pushed down by the wave again, so the friends behind me played with me again.

The third project is the Python slide. After waiting for 30 to 40 minutes, we will have a group of five members. This Python slide also has to sit on a floating mat. You must hold the handle with your hands, but it’s the same as the giant playing in front. The difference in the beast bowl is that our feet are not straight but we are sitting with our feet crossed. Starting from a height of 19 meters, after passing through a spiral chute at high speed, it rapidly descended by nearly ten meters and dived into a huge closed pipe. After turning left and right , it fell into the water, giving us a unique drifting experience. Due to the large size and unique shape of the Python slide, it can be used as the ace selling point of a large water park, and it has become an iconic water amusement facility.

After playing these three projects, it’s just a little bit. It’s time to go to the redang valley restaurant to gather for dinner. The restaurant is not very crowded for the time being. Our eight friends are sitting there and ordering. The restaurants in the scenic area are relatively expensive, so we chose this taste. Not bad. We ate and talked about what more exciting and fun water amusement equipment projects we are going to play next. Because today’s weather is particularly good, there is no sun, so it’s not very hot. As soon as we finished eating, some of our courageous beauties went to the rainbow competition slide to line up. Waiting.

The rainbow slide is a fairly classic water slide that can be designed for multiple lanes. There are six lanes designed for chimelong. The four lanes in the middle are the galloping track and need a green float, and one on each side is a competition slide that needs a yellow one. Floating pad, the galloping track is a few meters higher than the competition platform. The girls are really brave. We took the green floating pad and went up. To be honest, we were a little surprised. After preparing for the action, we lay on the floating pad. , obeyed the staff’s command 3.2.1 to slide down, the slide was pitch black, and there were a series of exciting small slopes in the middle of the slide. After passing the small slopes, it fell straight down and then rushed into a straight slide, and finally rushed to the end, it was so exciting! I had a game with two other designers to see who rushed to the front first. The rainbow slide relies on inertia, so the heavier ones should have a bit of advantage. Down the slide that has been rotating from above, this is exciting and fun!

Then we went to the wave pool to play. The water in the front pool was very shallow. While we were being beaten by the waves and pushed to the back, we walked forward to the deeper water in front. Several foreign actors were singing on the stage. Sing, there are cheering tourists in the pool at the bottom of the screen. Such a huge lineup attracts even more passionate cheers!

Finally, we went to the swimming pool to swim, play on the slides in the large ocean water village, and soak in the hot spring in the impact bath when we were tired. Soaking in the water feels very comfortable. Time is limited, so many large-scale water amusement equipments have no time to play, so we can only wait until the next time. Have a chance to play again.

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