Water amusement facility manufacturers friendly reminder supervision and management system

Regarding the supervision and management system of special equipment, manufacturers of water amusement facilities put forward relevant precautions in this regard, and special equipment safety supervision agencies at all levels should monitor the implementation of relevant laws and regulations by the evidence collection unit. 

If one of the following situations is found, the license-issuing agency shall cancel its “Manufacturing License”, and the cancelled “Manufacturing License” must be returned to the original accepting agency:

1. Manufacturing special equipment beyond the scope;

2. Alter, forge, transfer or sell the “Manufacturing License”;

3. Sell or illegally provide quality certificates to units without “Manufacturing License”;

4. Violating relevant national laws, regulations, rules and safety technical specifications in the organization of manufacturing and business activities;

5. The quality of the product is seriously degraded, or it is found to be inconsistent with the conditions stipulated in this rule after random inspection and re-examination, and the rectification cannot be completed within the specified time limit (generally no more than 3 months);

6. Manufacturing products that have been explicitly eliminated and stopped production by the country;

7. Due to product quality problems causing serious personal injuries or equipment accidents.

Any violation of the “Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment” or other laws and regulations shall be punished in accordance with the “Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment” or corresponding laws and regulations.