The secret to the success of Guangzhou Changlong Water Park

When it comes to water parks, Chimelong can pop out of our minds. 

Why does Guangzhou Changlong Water Park stand out among the water parks in the country?

Chimelong was founded in 1989, Chimelong Hotel was opened in 2001, Chimelong Paradise was opened in 2006, Chimelong Water Park opened in 2007… It has always been “first-class, leading” and “beyond self”. How can Guangzhou Changlong, striving for “the world’s number one”, be prosperous and even more courageous in battle! The leading advantage of Chimelong can be seen from the following set of data! In the first half of 2015, Guangzhou Changlong received more than 15 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 35%. Changlong has received more tourists than the Forbidden City, Jiuzhaigou, Huangshan and other popular attractions, and more tourists than many prefecture-level cities! It has become a “chimelong phenomenon” that attracts attention.

The Chimelong Water Park, which opened in 2007, has become a rising star. With its beauty and excitement, it has won the favor of many Chimelong fans, especially young people. It is the most beautiful stone in Guangzhou in summer! Its radiation has far surpassed the Yangtze River Delta, extending its attractive tentacles to the whole country! Many of its water park equipment, such as super loudspeakers, giant beast bowls, and sky-rotating slides, have become indispensable water park facilities and have been imitated by various water parks.

The secrets of Guangzhou Changlong’s successful operation:
      1. Operators’ long-term vision for the tourism industry.
      Looking at the development history of Guangzhou Changlong, people with a discerning eye can see that every investment of Changlong is ahead of the industry, that is As the saying goes, “be the first person to eat crabs”, especially when he spent huge sums of money to build the Guangzhou Changlong Water Park, which is a remarkable achievement, thus setting off the domestic “water park fever”.

      2. Strong strength. Building the “Chimelong Industrial Park”
      Chimelong is no longer entangled in a certain project, but focuses on the entire tourism industry. He has combined the entire tourism industry into an industrial chain. From water parks, animal kingdoms, amusement worlds, to hotels, hot springs, to clothing, food, housing and transportation, you can enjoy everything in life in Chimelong! The various products and services derived from it can be called the Kingdom of Chimelong!

      3. Transposition and serve Changlong from the perspective of tourists
     “Chimelong must not only lead in products, but also win in service, and be the benchmark for service in China’s scenic spots.” This is Chimelong’s lofty words!

In the current economic development of the country, the tertiary industry has long exceeded “half of the country” and has a trend of rapid growth! The prospects of the tourism industry are infinite. To paraphrase the line “how big your heart is, how big your stage is, and how big your economic circle is”! As a rising star “Water Park” project, the prospects will be even greater!

      Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. will contribute its enthusiasm and strength to China’s “Water Park Project”!

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