The gap between domestic and imported water park equipment

In recent years, many investors have adopted imported water amusement facilities, which have been built or are under construction. Many friends have also asked our manufacturers whether it is better to invest in imported large-scale water park equipment or domestically produced equipment?

Our amusement manufacturing industry in the last 20 years, gradually developed on the basis of imitation of foreign equipment, some products than the vacuum wave-making devices, artificial waves equipment, pool equipment tsunami, wave pool equipment, claiming to have reached the international advanced Level. In fact, domestic aquatic entertainment facilities should not only be compared by price, but should compete with excellent quality, safe and reliable water park planning, design and manufacturing quality.

There are a lot of investors in the construction of the water park like pay big bucks to purchase foreign large water park equipment, like those fiberglass water slides. While the facilities to ensure the normal operation of the equipment but not enough attention, select steel support fiberglass slides have not experienced, but not digested, converting equipment supplier drawings but inexpensive factory production, can not guarantee fiberglass slides and steel good convergence structure; mechanical and electrical products of poor quality water supply system can not provide adequate water stability; room illogical wind does not even sewage water and so on. 

Without sufficient funds to guarantee the normal use of imported equipment, there is no need to spend such an expensive price on imported glass steel slides. More and more water parks use floating raft slides, and the corresponding floating raft must be reasonably configured according to the requirements of the equipment supplier .