Giant Python Slide-Water Park Amusement Equipment

On the python slide, visitors take a round kayak floating mat that can accommodate 6 people at a time, starting from a 15-meter high-altitude platform, traversing a section of open spiral slides of more than tens of meters at high speed, quickly descending and diving into a huge closed pipeline. Repeatedly rushing left and right and rotating, as if in the body of an angry python, swinging in the dark python body several times and finally seeing the light again, entering the closed slide again, after accelerating into the second python body, aftertaste The first time I felt it was different. It brings visitors a kind of excitement drifting experience. The giant python slide is large in size and unique in shape. It is a landmark facility of a large water park. It is extremely popular. It can be used as a big selling point of a large water park. It is a combination of family members or a combination of relatives and friends. Experience the most ideal project in the water park. 

Giant python slide- Water Park Amusement Equipment
Giant python slide Reference Index:
Slide platform height: 15m
Slide diameter: 9m
Projection area: 30m×70m
Number of visitors/group: 6/group
Material and technology: frp/spray

The “moncler” slide is an adrenaline rushing journey, and it will always be filled with the novel experience of “what will happen next second?” It will give visitors a unique experience, equipped with a kayak lifting device, built-in sound, light, and electrical systems in the python tube, which integrates the feeling of torsion, spiral and vibration. Tourists set off from a height of 16 meters in a four-person kayak, traverse a spiral chute of more than 60 meters, and then continue to descend and dive into a 6-meter-long fully enclosed slide. The sound, light, and electricity measured are surging back and forth in the abdomen of the python, rushing from left to right, and rotating hard, struggling to fight against the darkness until you see the light again, which will definitely make you happy and forget to return.