The advantages and disadvantages of investing in three types of water parks

 Water parks are divided into three types: indoor, outdoor, and a combination of inside and outside. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of  these three types of  water park equipment .

Outdoor Water Parks: 

Advantages: Investment funds are less expensive than indoor water parks, and water park equipment is not subject to site restrictions. 

Disadvantages: Affected by the season, it can only be opened in summer. For example, Guangzhou Changlong Water Park can only operate from April to October every year. On rainy days, you should also consider safety issues and whether you can continue to operate.

Indoor Water Parks: 

Advantages: Indoor water parks are not subject to seasonal restrictions and have ample business hours. For example, Beijing’s “Water Cube” indoor theme water park can be open all year round. 

Disadvantages: Relatively high investment costs, some water park equipment has height restrictions. Some equipment also needs to customize the height and size, which requires higher overall planning.

Indoor and outdoor compound water park

It has the advantages of both indoor and outdoor types. It is a water park that can be played all year round, and is generally equipped with water park equipment that can be operated all year round.