Water park investment is becoming more rational

In recent years, the global climate has warmed and the summer temperature has continued to hit new highs. Everyone has a strong need to relax and cool off in summer. Therefore, water parks have become popular in recent years and have been favored by investors. Investment in water parks is booming.


According to the “2015 China Water Park Development White Paper” issued by the China Amusement Park Association, since 2010, China’s water parks have entered the track of rapid and large-scale development. There are now more than 200 large and medium-sized water parks in China. More than 80% were completed and operated in 2010. And according to incomplete statistics, currently there are more than 20 years ago, plans to build a medium-sized water park. Before 2010, the construction area of China’s medium-sized water parks was close to 6,000 mu. During 2010-2015, this figure reached more than 35,000 mu, which is five times more than the previous construction area.



With so many water park projects built, some people in the industry are worried about the capacity of the market. However, we believe that large-scale water parks in first- and second-tier cities will gradually develop steadily , while there is still a lot of room for development of small and medium-sized water parks in third- and fourth-tier cities, but more attention must be paid to the comprehensive characteristics of water park products. 


Future water recreation industry market development exhibition space is more than enough, but the investment will become more rational point. Future water park will be the integration of body, scientific and entertainment as a whole, facilities and more diversified, service-rational, intelligent management of integrated water park. As a manufacturer of water park equipment, we must focus more on the diversification of future products, the novelty and experience of products, the reliability and decoration of products, etc.