Manufacturers of water amusement facilities: use and maintenance of safety belts and armrests

The correct use and maintenance of water amusement equipment safety belts and safety protection devices is a reliable guarantee for the normal operation of amusement facilities and ensuring the personal safety of tourists.


Before use:
1. Check whether the seat belt installation connection is abnormal, whether the belt handle is damaged, and whether the opening buckle is flexible, reliable, and effective.


2. Check whether the armrests are played well, whether the installation connection is firm, and whether there is any looseness.


3. When using the operator shall assist each visitor seatbelts, pay attention to the head with a seat belt tongue at one end, pull the seat belt down the body (note the seat belt can not kink), the bolt is inserted into the In the buckle, until you hear a click, lift the bolt up to confirm whether it is locked. Make sure the tension is moderate and tell visitors to hold the handrails with both hands. Treat children, their seat belts so use should try to reduce the gap, the belt tensioners to prevent children slipping out of danger.


4. After the operation is over, the operator should assist the tourists to unfasten the seat belt by holding the seat belt in the left hand, pressing the button of the seat belt buckle with the right hand, removing the seat belt and placing it gently in the cockpit to avoid Opening the buckle bruises FRP, etc. If it is found that the seat belt is damaged, the tongue and the buckle are no longer working, you must immediately replace it with a new seat belt.