The basic principle of artificial wave making in water park equipment

The basic principle of artificial wave making in water park equipment

In summer, all parts of the country are shrouded in intense heat. On one side is the raging sun, on the other side is the clear and cool pool, which has become a beautiful landscape in summer time. Pool Azeri save action scenes bursting, as this summer’s temperatures, soared.

The sea is mysterious and desirable, beautiful beaches, rough waves, and you can comfortably sunbathe in the afternoon. However, many friends who are inland can’t enjoy it anytime and anywhere, so there is a product similar to the sea—the wave pool in the water park. Artificial waves create an experience of being in the sea. Going to the sea wave pool to play in the water has become a fashion sport that integrates affection, romance and joy . For investors, the demand is the market. There has been a wave of construction booms across the country.

Artificial wave making is always the most shining point of attention in water amusement. Swimming in the wave pool gives people the pleasure of being embraced by the sea, and attracting tourists with the feeling of the sea is really a great idea. Artificial wave pool is an Inter-disciplinary comprehensive device project, which involves aerodynamics, wave mechanics, mechanics, electrical control system science and many other subjects. Transmitting wave energy and the diffusion process, it is to design into the deep water waves high, small size, small waves in shallow water, a large area. Is the wave pool shaped design is very important, good trough-shaped facilitate resonance waves, the propagation and superposition, thereby affecting the wave form of waves; the same wave-making equipment due to different pool shape, create wave size is also more Big difference. Let me tell you how this wave pool is formed.

General Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. are making waves recommended to customers for select air style making waves. Simple structure, reliable use, convenient maintenance and no pollution. Air wave-making equipment mainly consists of air chamber, fan, valve mechanism , air duct system or pressure accumulation type, control system, etc.

Basic principles and steps of water pressure wave making :

1. The circulation system fills up the water level of the reservoir.

2. Hydraulic chamber water replenishment: the electronic control system sends a signal to the water replenishment gate lifting mechanism, the electric hoist opens the water replenishment gate mechanism, the reservoir starts to replenish water to the hydraulic chamber, and the water level reaches the pre-selected water pressure level control measuring point, the measuring point gives The signal is given to the water supply gate lifting mechanism, and the electric hoist closes the water supply gate.

3. After the water body is released and the water replenishment gate is closed, the electronic control system sends a signal to the hydraulic release gate mechanism, and the hydraulic cylinder system opens the release gate mechanism. 6-9 meters high water flows from the hydraulic chamber into the wave pool, forming a giant wave valley.

4. A few seconds after the gate mechanism is opened, the system instructs the gate mechanism to close.

5. Repeat working conditions 2, 3 and 4 to form the next wave.

6. The size and shape of the waves can be changed by changing the frequency of each unit’s release and the water level of the water pressure chamber. There are a variety of wave forms, but of practicality, the size of the pool and wave pool wave attenuation, and generally preferably 2-4 wave. Vacuum type, hydraulic type series wave generator (wave height can reach 2-3 meters).