Lanchao skyrocketing round slide water park equipment

Lanchao skyrocketing round slide water park equipment

Have you ever experienced the moment when you rushed to the sky and quickly fell to the bottom of the valley? The Lanchao Swivel Slide can bring you a spiritual peak! If you keep screaming, don’t blame me, this is a very exciting water park project.

Guangzhou Lanchao water park equipment large roundabout sky slide can be a person or a group of friends sitting together at the same time the common experience of this pleasure. Tourists riding can hold up after six people round the raft floating mat from nineteen meters of altitude, high speed through a period of more than eighty meters of spiral chute, the rapid decline in the last ten meter dive to the lowest point in shock when He rushed to the top of a big landslide again, challenged the limit of gravity, dived down again and returned to the pool steadily, thrilling, and thoroughly experienced the family joy brought by the thrill of soaring and whirling . It is the most popular water park. One of the facilities. The maximum passenger capacity of the water slide can reach 1080 people/H per hour.

Product features: 
A. The main body of the slide is made of high-performance glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material, which is made by hand craftsmanship, which has very strong toughness and hardness, safe and durable. 

B. The surface layer of the slide adopts isophthalic gel coat, which has high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and has the characteristics of smoothness, smoothness, UV resistance, and fade resistance. 

C. There is a very good customer experience, which makes you want to repeat the game after playing. 

D. The reception capacity is very strong, which minimizes the queue time of tourists and attracts great popularity. 

E. A family or a group of friends can sit together and experience this happiness together.


Lanchao Water Park Equipment-Instructions on the play posture of the sky-turning slide

        1. Tourists enter the kayak at the entrance of the slide, first seat one in the front and then one in the back, hold the handle of the kayak with both hands and sit upright. Put your elbows on the raft and lean forward slightly.

        2. Visitors stretch their feet forward to the empty part of the raft, and place them in a straight cross. The knees of the visitors sitting opposite each other shall not face each other, and shall not lift or bend upwards ( can be slightly bent) to avoid injury when sliding.