Vacuum wave

Vacuum wave is also called Tsunami wave.
Combined with artificial beach, in the joy of the water world, the city, feel the sand, the sun, the waves comfortable. artificial wave advantage lies in the area design flexibility, intelligent operation, easy management, low noise, good continuity of the waves and so on.
1. The size can be customized according to the space of water park; 
2. It is indespensable leisure project 
3. Large tourist capacity, suitable for family tourist, teenagers and adults; 
4. With artificial beach and seaside scenery. 
5. A powerful wave, more fun and excited.
Product Name
Vacuum Wave (Tsunami Wave)
Wave Pool Depth
Wave Height
Wave Length
5-15 meters, 3 – 5 min each time
Pool Area

Blower wave

Blower wave is also called Pneumatic wave,wind-induced wave.

Compared to the Vacuum pool, the wave is a little gentle, giving people a feeling of the waves making a beach! It is done by blowing waves! The air is constantly filled with air in a confined space when closed by a blower. When the space reaches a certain air pressure, the gate is opened momentarily, and the air flow pushes the water to form the waves. Waves can reach 0.5-1.8m!

Serial Number
Wave Pool Dimension
Equipment Quantity
300 – 800 m2
50 – 100 person
1 – 2 set
1000 – 1800 m2
120 – 180 person
3 set
2000 – 3000 m2
200 – 500 person
4 – 5 set

Flow Rider


01) Size(LXW): 16m×12m×4m (52*39*13ft )
02) Passage: Min. 1m(3.3ft) 
03) Elevation: According to the site
04) Height of the Deck: +1.2m(+4ft).
05) Depth of the Pool: -1.8m(-6ft).
06) Capacity: 320-480 Persons/Hour
07) Weight: 238700kg(535000 lb), 1482kg /m2 (310 lb/ft2)
08) Vol. of the Pool: 221000L(58400gal(US)).
09) Power: 110kW(240HP)
10) Water Consumption : 46m³

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