How to choose artificial water wave making equipment to build a water park

How to choose artificial water wave making equipment to build a water park

After May 1st, the weather gradually became hot, and water parks in major cities began to flourish. And many cities have begun to build water parks for local citizens to swim in the hot summer. When the economy of a city is very good, the demand for various amusement facilities is very huge. There are various game equipment in the water park. For example, the common water park equipment in the water theme park mainly includes tornado storm (big horn), magic bowl, wave pool, bumper boat, etc. So when choosing these devices, how should we choose? The following Guangzhou Blue Tide Water Park equipment manufacturers put forward some suggestions on how to choose the wave-making equipment of the water park. Here are some inferences, I believe you will understand at a glance.


Artificial wave making is a novel water entertainment project. You can feel the surging waves in the sea indoors. There are not only gurgling waves, but also undulating waves. This will become a beautiful landscape in water entertainment. You feel the charm of the sea paradise. We not only harmonize humanity and nature with the waves, but also can make waves into a variety of styles such as rowing waves, crossing waves, crisscrossing waves, left-handed waves, right-handed waves, etc., so that you can feel the changing space in the water. Different feelings of the sea will leave a deep and wonderful memory for your life.

 From the types of wave-making equipment of  water , we are mainly divided into several types:

 The first type, the rocking plate type artificial wave machine: the vacuum type artificial wave system is mainly composed of a vacuum pump, a pipeline system, an actuation system, a valve system, a control system and an air chamber. Its working principle is: the vacuum pump is used to increase the water level in the room, and there is a controller to actuate the system after sending a signal according to the pre-designed wave. The valve system is used to control the opening and closing of the valve system, which ultimately affects the high and low water level in the air chamber. This produces waves.

 The second type, air-pressure wave maker: artificial wave-making air wave maker is a powerful airflow generated by a high-pressure centrifugal fan into the air storage chamber, pressurize the water surface of the air storage chamber to form gaseous energy storage, and then pass through the valve unit The circulating air compresses the air drawn by the fan and presses it closer to the free water surface of the air pool to generate waves. By setting the PLC controller of the valve unit, the wave formation can be switched to achieve different wave-making types. Produce many different wave effects. The pneumatic wave generator consists of a fan, a valve mechanism, a duct system, a control system, etc. It is characterized by simple structure, small space occupation, stable use, and convenient installation and maintenance. This wave-making model is highly recommended, suitable for all large, medium and small swimming pools and water sports venues. The water treatment system of Daxin swimming pool equipment is the only one in the world that adopts fully automatic aeration technology, the first in China, the world’s leading, and has independent intellectual property rights.

 Several advantages of swimming pool circulating water treatment system:

 1. The system is hydraulically automated, no valve, no operation, and uses the principle of hydraulic automation to complete aeration and dissolved oxygen flotation defoaming, seven-layer filtration and backwashing processes, without the need to set up full-time managers.

 2. All non-pressurized water treatment, the circulating water pump head is generally 5-6 meters, low energy consumption, and the operating cost is only 1/10-1/15 of the traditional water treatment system.

 3. The equipment occupies less land and the civil construction cost is low.

 4. All UPVC high-strength plastics are used, no corrosion, no maintenance, and the equipment is guaranteed for 40 years.

 5. The system does not need to add coagulants, flocculants, algaecides and other agents that cause chemical pollution to swimming pools or rivers and lakes, and does not need to replace a large amount of water, so that the water forms a virtuous cycle and can never be replaced.

 6. The dissolved oxygen in the treated water is more than 7.5mg/l (reaching saturation), so it is fresh and activated.

7. Effectively remove bubbles in water—that is, remove organic substances in the water (foaming substances such as phosphorus and nitrogen) to maintain good water quality and make the water surface sparkling and blue waves.


Although consumers have huge demand for amusement facilities , the area and investment amount of the water park are not fixed. For a project to be profitable and value-added, you cannot simply apply formulas or templates. It must be combined with local market and on-site resources. Make a rational investment analysis, make out the characteristics and attractiveness, and then combine good housekeeping and marketing to make a project profitable and add value.