Which artificial wave-making equipment chooses a vacuum tsunami or a wind turbine to make waves?

A wave pool is indispensable for a water park, because it can accommodate enough people. So, should artificial wave-making equipment choose vacuum tsunami wave-making or wind turbine wave-making? This depends on the parties face to think of it, the specific sub-field size, investment funds, local consumption levels and other factors.


1. Because the waves generated by the tsunami and wind turbines are completely different, they have different requirements for site size and area. Tsunami has more rigid requirements. The length of the pool is generally not less than 100 meters (extending the beach to 110 meters), and the width of the pool and the engine room is set according to the number of wave outlets. If the tsunami pool length is not long enough, 2-3-meter-high tsunami waves off easily saved by causing water waste of resources and off-site erosion damage to equipment and facilities. Tsunami room above ground you figure there are about 12 meters high, in particular, need to do indoor tsunami attention to this, but now there is an improved version of tsunami height engine room structure of this design in 9-meter-high, two structures have advantages and disadvantages, and fans making waves generally, a pool of 40-50 meters is sufficient. The height of the machine room is 3 meters above the ground , and the requirements are not so demanding. Therefore, the wind turbine wave pool is generally less than 4000 square meters, which is more than the construction of tsunami waves.

2. Investment funds: I believe everyone will understand the high cost of tsunami equipment and civil works in advance. Due to a series of factors such as extremely strict civil conditions, high technological requirements, and complex structures, the cost remains high. The approximate ratio of tsunami equipment and civil works is referenced in 1 :3 or so. The wind turbine wave generation equipment is relatively mature and durable in the market. The old-fashioned artificial wave equipment is cheap and low in cost. The advantages of the rich wave shape are much investment and love. The disadvantage is that the wave height is only 60-100cm, which is not so exciting. The cost of equipment and civil works is less than 800,000, and wind turbines are considered to make waves, and those above 1.6 million can be used for tsunami waves.

3. If the local consumption level is low, we suggest building a wind turbine to make waves, because the investment has to consider the capital return period. A low consumption level means that your fare positioning cannot be too high, and it may be more difficult to recoup profits. All investments must be done in advance of the consumer market analysis and investigation, not choosing expensive ones, only choosing the right ones.

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