How to avoid danger for large slide equipment in water park?

The water park is one of the first choices for many families to choose to escape the summer. It will be crazy and shocking to experience flipping collision, rapid dive, high-altitude sliding, and thrilling water slides. Big Horn, rainbow slide, spiral spin slides and other common water slides which in the end there is the danger? The reason for the water slide accident is actually the extreme design of height and angle. While pursuing thrills, danger will follow. So when playing, how to protect yourself and others’ safety? Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Professional Research Limited water slides, repeatedly tested, so now give us something about the water slide fun note precautions to avoid accidents Accidents happen.

1. Representative Big horn slide 

The big horn is one of the most popular and most challenging swing slides nowadays. Under the action of gravity, tourists take a kayak to quickly dive into the big horn and follow the turbulent water current. Swing left and right to experience the feeling of weightlessness . According to the weight distribution and the attraction of the center of the earth, accidents usually occur in a dangerous situation of turning over and falling. Then we will use buckets of different weights to test the loop over many times to explore the cause of the accident.

2. Rainbow competition slide

Rainbow slide is the most widely used slide in the water park. It is beautiful in appearance and colorful. The number of tourists can be determined according to the number of slides. The slide pad is used to assist sliding. The more common safety hazards of this type of slide are Bounce and rush out of the slide. Depending on the person’s center of gravity, the speed will also be affected to a certain extent, and when the slope design is not reasonable, there will be dangerous situations of jumping off the slide, bouncing, and accidents.

3. Fully enclosed and semi-enclosed spiral slide

Spiral slides are long, winding, and twisted. If there is too much water or too little water, they will get stuck and can’t move. If a fully enclosed slide completely obscures the view, it will cause tourists to get stuck on the slide and panic. Continuing to slide under unknown circumstances will cause two people to be injured.

Water slide is a very popular amusement project. It uses physical principles such as friction, inertia, and geocentric attraction to make people experience different stimuli. At the same time, we must pay attention to safety, obey the safety of the staff and the correct sliding posture. It is also extremely important. Understand the causes of potential safety hazards and play scientifically on water slides to avoid accidental danger. While pursuing thrilling challenges, safety cannot be ignored.

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