How does water park open up visibility and increase passenger flow

How does water park open up visibility and increase passenger flow

For water park investors, water park operation and publicity management is the most troublesome issue for them, because this part plays a vital role in the entire process from preparation to operation of the park. Below, the guangzhou lanchao water park equipment manufacturer will give you a comprehensive disclosure of the detailed publicity methods of the water park, pure dry goods sharing, investors who read this article can be said to have earned it!

1. Promote through outdoor advertising.

  Specific method: In the main streets of the county, buy 3-5 street advertising billboards in the form of annual lease, and hang at least 20 banners on the main roads.

2. Promote through car body advertisements.

  Specific method: Make full use of the mobility of buses and taxis, and post promotional stickers on the body for publicity.

3. Promote through paper advertisements.
  Specific methods:
  ① Print and distribute a single page, implement full coverage and high-density publicity, and make the water park well-known to everyone.

  ② Attach advertisements to disposable paper cups and promote through paper cups.

4. Promote through TV.
  specific methods:
  ① Co-produce special programs with TV stations, and use lively activities to promote them.

  ②Television aerial broadcast, use the TV station to play mobile and aerial subtitles every day during the peak travel season.

5. Promote and promote through the Internet.
  Specific methods:
  ①Completely package the existing products in the water park park into a theme page for the park, and promote it on the main portal website.
  ②Establish a wechat public account to publish articles for publicity. Reposting articles in moments, collecting a certain number of likes or paying attention to the public wechat account, can reduce a ticket or give a small gift.

  ③Online ticket discounts, such as group buying network,,, etc., find some popular group buying websites to cooperate and promote.

6. Promote the.
  specific methods through activities :
  ①The opening ceremony of the water park. Travel agencies and units in the county are widely invited to participate in the opening ceremony, and some travel agencies are organized to sign cooperation agreements with scenic spots at the ceremony.
  ② Organize a “swimming competition for middle school students” between middle schools to stimulate the swimming hobby and enthusiasm of the majority of young students.
  ③Organize “Water paradise cup” award-winning essay contest, photography exhibition, photography exhibition and other activities.
  ④Regularly organize lucky prize draw activities. All visitors to the water park can enter the park with tickets, and the park tickets are issued according to the number, or a fair lottery draw will be held every week, or every half month, or every month to stimulate people’s interest in entering the water park. .
  ⑤Singing and dancing performances in the water park, making full use of the park to organize singing and dancing performances on weekends in the tourist season to attract tourists.