The structural characteristics and sports methods of rafting water amusement facilities in canyons

The structural characteristics and sports methods of rafting water amusement facilities in canyons

The main sports feature of water amusement facilities is running in specific waters. According to the form of equipment, it is divided into canyon rafting series, water slide series, bumper boat series, water bicycle series, and other forms of water amusement facilities. The following is a basic introduction to the structural characteristics and movement methods of the canyon drifting water amusement facilities.


     The water pump is activated to provide a large flow of water to a specific dedicated water channel. Due to the drop of the water channel, tourists take a rubber raft to enter the turbulent Pembey current through the lifting system, pass through sharp bends and shoals, and drift in unpredictable river channels. It is thrilling and exciting, just like in a natural wilderness Exploring the rapids in the river is an amusement project that young people love very much.


The rafting project is composed of waterway, water supply system, lifting mechanism, rubber raft and braking mechanism. The rubber raft enters the high position of the waterway through the lifting belt. The pump drives the large flow of water to drive the rubber raft to drift in the set waterway. The raft drifted along the waterway through the rapids of the rapid bay and returned to the platform, and the organization was established to fix the rubber raft to facilitate the up and down of tourists.

     Transmission mode: motor → reducer → drum → lifting belt to transport the rubber raft into the waterway; brake mechanism → cylinder → boat stopper to fix the rubber raft.


According to the structural characteristics of the canyon rafting water amusement facilities and sports methods, the scenic spot can provide tourists with the most user-friendly design in terms of rafting distance and rafting time, so that tourists can enjoy excitement, peace of mind and enjoyment under the guarantee of safety. You can experience the thrilling and safe drifting throughout the whole journey, and you can also enjoy the infinite charm of first-class water quality in the natural ecological environment; drifting over one mountain after another, enjoying one scene after another; dancing with the waves, an unforgettable drift! Suitable for the construction of medium and large water parks.


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