Opportunities and challenges faced by domestic water park equipment manufacturers

With the growth of china’s economy, people’s consumption levels are getting higher and higher. In summer, water amusement parks are almost overcrowded every day. This means that the market for water park equipment is bright. For water park equipment manufacturers, it is undoubtedly a huge one. opportunity; however accompanied by problems with comes a water park requires equipment manufacturers must have a high level of water play equipment research and development, because people spending power continues to increase, demand for water recreation equipment also will be improved, there is no high-level r & d capabilities of water park equipment manufacturers will face various severe challenges.
We may recall that in recent years, every year new water play equipment appears, on behalf of the device: the wheel of rock, water glass slide channel
popular water park equipment are constantly upgraded, the function is more perfect, representative works: octopus competition slide ( an upgraded version of the rainbow competition slide ), tornado slide (an upgraded version of the super horn slide)

Foreign influence on domestic water park equipment manufacturers: As water play equipment industry in developed countries is relatively mature, the water upstream r & d and innovation in music equipment, currently being in the lead. For example: a transparent water slide, such as phantom Star first in a foreign country out of the current of.

The integrated domestic water park equipment manufacturers have enough in research and development effort under, in the case of quality assurance, to ensure that water upstream output on the number of music equipment; but also concerned about consumer demand, developed a fun amusement rides higher equipment. Of course, the current domestic water on the park equipment manufacturers in terms of new water slides, with top international water park equipment company there is a gap, but the distance has also been shortened, catch only a matter of time. As one of the top ten water park equipment manufacturers in china, guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. will strive to make due contributions to the development of the domestic water amusement equipment industry.