Grab the tail of the summer vacation and go to the water park to have fun

Grab the tail of the summer vacation and go to the water park to have fun

It was already out on august 21, and the summer was unknowingly, leaving only the sultry weather and irregular typhoons and thunderstorms. In the opening approaching, now you have to ask any regrets leaving in the summer, that necessarily is not yet fill in the bubble water park water world. The summer vacation is coming to an end, and I will go on a long-term tour at this time. I am afraid that the children will not be able to regain the heart of playing “wild”. Let ‘s choose a surrounding water park to let the children have enough!

Pujiang Bubble Water Park.

  Bubble water park is located at the foot of xianhua mountain, a 4a-level tourist attraction in pujiang county, backed by the scenic area, the scenery is bound to be good.
  The water park with bubbles theme, leisure, entertainment, sports as one of the most distinctive is that this water park and the park features 98 amazing organic combination of cold seeps, relying on health spa resort, hugh leisure resort, features dining brings a brand new experience to people.
  There, the colorful slides extend into the water like a rainbow. If you want to know the secret of the other end of the rainbow, just pick up the tires and dash forward to experience the fun of rapid descent. There is also a semi-transparent segmented pipe slide, which turns dark and light, quickly takes you through time, no matter how old you are this year, you will definitely return to your carefree childhood.
  In addition, there are mint pools, milk pools, colorful medicated baths, hydrotherapy pools, fish therapy pools, aromatherapy pools and other special bubble pools. Surrounded by colorful bubbles, breathe fresh air and experience the heart-warming cold spring. Cool , enjoy the comfort and coziness of this summer.

Hengdian Dream Valley Water World.

 Dream valley water world, covering an area of more than 50,000 square meters, can be regarded as the relatively newest and most complete domestic water amusement park at present, and it is also the largest theme water park in east china.
 Dream valley water park has five themed amusement areas. Even if there are 7,000 or 8,000 people entering the park every day, they can still have fun in several areas. In addition to many exciting slides and water amusement projects, such as the “Angel water house” for children to play, the “Simba flying carpet” that soars into the sky, and the “Doha slide” like colorful clouds, it is thrilling In addition to the “Storm of aden”, the twists and turns, the “Ufa ladder” that descends from the sky , the water world area also has changing rooms, restaurants, special bars, etc., which are fully functional and can experience comfortable leisure travel.
 If dream valley water world is the most civilized and warm water paradise, then the “torrential rain and mountain torrent” splashing scene will be the hottest and craziest water paradise. In the evening, in the disaster experience program “Torrent Rain Torrent”, waEthnic actors will lead tourists to personally experience the mysterious rain prayer ceremony of ethnic minorities. When hundreds of tons of flood pouring down from the top, you can start into the paddling pool plaza carnival, will be a symbol of happiness and good spring water sprinkling pro- Peng others friends or strangers. During this process, dozens of water jets will spurt from the ground beside the pool, and with the rhythm of the music, the water splashing scene will be decorated with vitality.

Dongyang Garden Amusement Park Water World.

    In addition to dream valley, dongyang also has garden amusement park water world, which is also a theme park that combines water amusement and land facilities. The water world has many water amusement projects such as a happy water village playing area, a mediterranean wave area, crazy loudspeakers, sled cannon barrels and rainbow slides. There are also some interactive mini games in the park. It is said that those who successfully complete the designated tasks can win exquisite gifts.
 In addition, there are passionate dances and passionate dj music on the spot, which is a good place for people to release the passion of summer.
 In addition to playing in the water, you can also go to see the night light and shadow lotus show. This is a unique summer amusement activity in huayuan village. Hundreds of varieties of lotus, coupled with brilliant light and shadow special effects, will lead you into the mesmerizing experience . Dreamland.