Electrical safety protection measures for water park equipment

The electrical protection safety of most park water park equipment in China mainly includes circuit breaker service, grounding protection, leakage protection, and equipotential bonding. Each of these measures has its advantages and disadvantages. Only when multiple measures are used together and complement each other can comprehensive security protection be achieved.


1. Circuit break protection: air circuit breakers, fuses and other equipment are required, which are mainly used for fault protection of lines and electrical equipment. Once the line has a fault such as shell bumping, and the short-circuit current is greater than the fuse current or trip current, the fuse and air circuit breaker will act to cut off the faulty line to protect the line and electrical equipment.

2. Grounding can prevent personal electric shocks, protect the power system, protection lines and water park equipment from damage. It is a basic measure to prevent electrical fires, lightning strikes and electrostatic damage. Grounding is generally divided into two types: functional grounding and protective grounding.

3. Leakage protectors are divided into three types: fine electrical action switch (only the protector of leakage protection), leakage action circuit breaker (with three function protectors of overload, short circuit and leakage), and leakage relay (only leakage alarm) Functional protector). The rated operating current of the leakage switch used to prevent personal electric shock cannot be greater than 15mA or 30mA; the rated operating current of the leakage switch used for line safety can be greater than 50mA, 70mA; the rated operating current of the leakage switch used to prevent electric disasters is 500mA.


4. The function of equipotential bonding is to reduce the contact voltage of indirect contact with electric shock in the building and the potential difference of different metal parts, and eliminate the hazard of dangerous fault voltage introduced from outside the building through electrical lines and various metal pipelines. It should connect the conductive parts of column F to each other through the total equipotential bonding terminal board (grounding busbar) near the incoming line distribution box .