Compare two different artificial wave making equipment

Wave-making is a way of leisure and entertainment, and going to the wave-making pool is becoming a fashion that combines family affection, romance and joy. For investors, demand is the market, and a wave of construction boom is being set off across the country. Artificial wave making is always the most shining point of attention in water amusement . Swimming in the wave pool, whether it is breaking waves or rough waves, gives people the pleasure of throwing themselves into the embrace of the sea. Attracting tourists with the feeling of the sea is really a great idea.


1. Vacuum type artificial wave making equipment (tsunami pool)

Vacuum type artificial wave making equipment is mainly composed of vacuum main engine, pipeline system, water circulation system, valve system, control system and air chamber. Its working principle is: the vacuum host is used to increase the water level in the room, the control system sends out signals according to the pre-designed wave spectrum, and the control system controls the opening and closing of the valve system, and finally affects the air pressure in the air chamber, changing from negative pressure to constant The pressure, resulting in waves, is extremely magnificent. The characteristic of the vacuum artificial wave making equipment is that it can make a 2.8-meter big wave (also can control the wave height and wave time according to the PLC control system), and the wave can extend up to 100 meters. The price of vacuum artificial wave-making equipment is relatively high. It is mainly used for wave-making pools in large water parks . The area of the wave-making pool should be greater than 2000 square meters.

2. Blow-type artificial wave making equipment (wave pool)

Blow-type artificial wave-making equipment is mainly composed of air chamber, fan, valve production mechanism, speed regulation mechanism, air duct system, control system, etc. It is characterized by simple structure, and its working principle is: the air flow that blows out the centrifugal fan Introduce an air chamber, and through repeated pumping/exhausting air, the free water surface in the air chamber is forced to generate waves. The size and length of the waves can be changed by changing the frequency of the pumping/exhausting flow and the size of the air flow. The wave height of the blast artificial wave is 0.5-1.2 meters, and the wave length is 50 meters, which is suitable for the elderly or children to play. This artificial wave-making equipment is suitable for micro-small water parks, with a total park area of less than ten acres and a wave pool area of less than 1,000 square meters. Blow-type artificial wave-making equipment is cheap, but the disadvantage is that it is slightly noisy.

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