Are there any recommendations for lower-cost water amusement equipment projects?

Before looking for a project, you must first do a market survey to see what most groups like to consume. It can be analyzed in this way. Nowadays, most of the young people who consume or easily consume are mostly young people. Then you can find out what kind of water amusement equipment young people like. It is too difficult to eat and wear like traditional projects. You have to open a very It’s hard to last, and the competitiveness is fierce. Today, when parents’ work is getting more and more busy, parent-child parks have become a good place for parents and children to connect with each other. Therefore, from the perspective of the water park industry, opening a water park is still very promising. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs have succeeded and obtained huge profits by doing parent-child park business. The risk is extremely low, and the cost of opening a small children’s water park is relatively low. It is currently a relatively lacking project in the market. It can be said to be the most profitable small amusement project. The parent-child water park created by guangzhou lanchao allows children to experience different life roles during play, and get closer to their parents.

1. The pirate ship.

The pirate ship was originally an amusement project that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis. The “pirate ship” produced by our guangzhou lanchao is located in a paddling pool, which is named after its appearance as a pirate ship. The bizarre pirate ship, with a pirate flag fluttering in the wind, and a majestic old captain standing on the bow, holding monoculars, directing the helmsman, breaking through the waves, invincible, and interpreting the dream of the caribbean. Parents can take their children to play on the pirate ship. There are slides on both sides of the pirate ship to slide into the pool. This pirate ship is cost-effective and suitable for investors in small water parks.

2. Play in the water.

The play in the water includes small water slides with various animal shapes, water spray equipment of different shapes, as well as water seesaws, water guns, water cannons, etc. The product types are rich and diverse and are loved by the majority of tourists. Its unique shape, the use of animal and plant shapes can greatly attract children’s interest, as if they are in the world of animals and plants; bright colors, children prefer brilliant colors, colorful products can attract their attention; high safety performance, remove the appearance Factors, high quality also allows children to play happily while ensuring safety, vividness and cuteness. The vigorous appearance of the sketch can infect children. Have fun on the water! The water spray sketches of different shapes form a lively and vivid scene, which is colorful and fun, and deeply attracts children’s eyes… At this moment, all the troubles are thrown behind you, and you can enjoy the fun of the water!

3. Ocean Water Village Water.

Village is also called interactive castle. It is an essential amusement facility in the water park project. The interactive products have various forms, novel styles, and multi-functional comprehensive water amusement equipment suitable for entertainment and water play of all ages. There are large and shocking dumping buckets, crazy rotating slides, straight-line slides that drop almost vertically, realistic water guns and water cannons, incredible various water sprays, water swings, climbing pipe nets, and wind wheels. Waterwheel, as well as all kinds of animal shapes. Through the subtle combination of space, various water entertainment projects are ingeniously distributed in every corner of huizhai. It is a kind of high-tech water animation fan city full of “magnanimous, witty elves”.

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