How to design the decoration of indoor children's water park?

The design of indoor children’s water park must be based on the children themselves, and decorate the kind of childlike and joyful atmosphere. The most important thing is that the materials purchased must not contain toxic materials, and they must not appear when decorating. For things that are straight, hard and sharp to prevent children from bumps and bruises, use smoothness as the theme.

1. Shape design The shape design of the children’s water playground should first be visually lively, close to nature, and close to life, and the appearance of the shape should be vivid and expressive. Secondly, it is best to choose animals and plants in the natural ecology in terms of styling. For younger children, it can improve the cognition of the thing, and at the same time it is helpful to exercise the children’s observation ability. Third, the integration of ever-changing patterns in the modeling can satisfy children’s imagination of the whole thing. Adding more patterns on the basis of the bionic shape, through the changing shape and abstract patterns will attract children’s attention, in line with children’s willingness to explore the psychology. Fourth, the shape of children’s playground equipment is full of fun, can attract children’s attention, and conform to the characteristics of children’s psychological development.

2. In the choice of color, color design must first conform to the age characteristics of children. Some water amusement equipment endowed with innocent colors are often more favored by children and arouse children’s psychological resonance. Children’s nature of loving nature can be better reflected and grasped in the colors of water park equipment, and the use of natural colors or the same color system of natural creatures can make it easier for children to recognize. At the same time, adding appropriate contrasting colors can make the device have a strong appeal and impact in color. In an environment such as a children’s playground, water park equipment with higher color brightness and warm colors will make children happy.

3. The theme reflects the role-oriented design for children’s different preferences, personalities and current hot spots of children’s attention, that is, the theme design. In the theme design, the water park is designed with children’s favorite story themes or game themes. Use techniques to imitate or restore the water park design with story content as the main line. In the theme, children can be imagined as the protagonists of the story. Accompanied by these amusement devices, it is as if they have entered the world of fairy tales, where they have their character world and story development. Through the theme design, the water park equipment can be better integrated in the specific scope of the playground. It is convenient for them to make up the content of the story at any time, expand their rich imagination and exploration space, and give life to the otherwise ordinary equipment.

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