Analysis and research on the water park equipment market

Analysis and research on the water park equipment market

The main reason why the water park can drive the family’s consumption and increase the sticky consumption of the customer group for the shopping center is mainly due to the majority of children. The consumption of children’s water parks is just an “introduction”, which can bring continuous sticky consumption to shopping malls. Contact the Institute by analyzing and water park, guangzhou blue tide water park equipment manufacturers found that the current customer water park market has several characteristics:

Selection and positioning

 1. Waterpark rides are relatively specialized and professional market for passenger group, choose professional water amusement equipment product content.

2. They all hope that their water parks are ahead of other water entertainment projects in the industry, which is mainly reflected in the leadership of water amusement projects, the concept of water amusement, and the content of water amusement, while being able to achieve the leading level of revenue.

3. The pursuit of scale and maximization of the content of water amusement products, how to integrate amusement equipment products in a limited space, make it an attractive point in the water park.

Based on the analysis of the above characteristics, the future water park will tend to develop in the direction of grouping:

The first is to realize group management and scale management. First determine a brand, establish an incubation center, and expand the scale and influence through a chain operation model.

The second is to attract more tourist groups by improving its own product characteristics and its own service quality under the fierce market competition.

The third is to realize the technologicalization of management, and use high-tech means to network management instead of part of manual management.

The fourth is to integrate the concept of children’s water park to maximize the benefits of the effective area. Realize the lowest cost investment to get the greatest economic return.

The fifth is to adopt a system of survival of the fittest in the employment mechanism, and to adopt outstanding talents to participate in the increasingly fierce market competition, which is also one of the characteristics of intensive operation.