What are the one-stop after-sales service for water parks

What are the one-stop after-sales service for water parks

Water park one-stop services include many, specifically the following points:

1. Water park equipment training and consulting
1. Water park electromechanical equipment and automation system operation, maintenance and simple maintenance training;
2. FRP product maintenance and maintenance training;
3 . Emergency training for water park attendants and lifeguards;
4. Daily water purification and disinfection management training, etc.

Water park equipment performance testing and commissioning

1. Newly installed slides and wave-making equipment are tested and commissioned;
2. Large-scale water amusement equipment with a service life of more than 10 years is tested and used for evaluation;
3. Placement or service life For long FRP products, the surface and functionality are tested and evaluated.

 Water park equipment protection and refurbishment

1. Water slides and water play equipment should be maintained before the water park opens in summer;
2. With a long service life, slides or other products with relatively large surface wear of FRP products should be refurbished with FRP surface;
3. If the slide structure and water house structure are used for a long time, professional anticorrosive paint and topcoat must be updated.

Emergency maintenance and replacement of water park equipment

1. Emergency maintenance and replacement of parts for water pumps and electric control systems;
2. Emergency maintenance and replacement of parts for wave maker equipment and control procedures;
3. Water slides and water play Emergency repairs and replacement parts for FRP products such as equipment.