How to integrate “commercial planning and design” into water park operation

How to integrate "commercial planning and design" into water park operation

After the commercial project of a water park is initiated and confirmed, every work should put “commercial planning” in the first place, and conduct professional and comprehensive discussions. At the same time, the thinking of water park operation should be added to this business. 


In the process of each work link of the project, especially in the two key links of commercial planning and design, the water park “operating advantages” and “operating experience and lessons” are integrated into the planning and design, so as to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, and strive to integrate the project After the opening, the operation is perfect, and finally the commercial project planned and designed for the water park will not only satisfy the customer experience, but also maximize the market value of the water park project! This is to establish the concept of “commercial planning first, operation depth and full intervention”.


From the planning and design of a water park project to the landing of a certain product, it is ultimately converted into “market value” through “operation”. This places high requirements on water park planners and designers and requires them to have a The mentality of learning is not only to care about the design style and quality of the water park of one’s own building, but also to care about the operation of its water park, so that planning and operation are closely linked.