Water park planning and design manufacturer: How much does it cost to invest in 80 acres of water park?

How much does it cost to invest in 20 acres, 30 acres, 40 acres, 50 acres, 60 acres, 70 acres, 80 acres, 90 acres, or even 100 acres of water parks? Especially when water park construction season, many customers playing telephone to consult how much money to invest in a water park? Then we must understand the scale of the water park and what water park equipment should be purchased ? The price of different equipment varies greatly.

Investment cost of small and medium water parks small water parks generally refer to water park projects with a park area of about 5,000 to 30,000 square meters. The investment cost of water parks is mainly composed of site costs, equipment purchase costs in the park , ancillary service facility costs, and site construction costs, personnel costs, utility costs several aspects of composition, for ease of comparison is estimated at 2 million square our small water park as an example number according to estimates: small and medium sized water park is leasing the site if the site cost, small water park area by the venue costs, the city, location and other factors determine. In second- and third-tier cities, according to the site selection principle, the venue should be selected not far from the urban area. Basically, the cost of a small water park with 20,000 square meters in second and third-tier cities is about 600,000 yuan. If it is self-owned land, this cost can be ignored.

The purchase cost of equipment for small and medium water parks is 20,000 square meters. Commonly used water park equipment for small water parks includes water slides, one or two pools, water cottages, paddling pools, and a set of artificial wave-making equipment. The total equipment investment is about 2.5 million yuan. In particular, it is strongly recommended that investors choose a set of artificial wave-making equipment when investing in small water parks. The playability of this kind of equipment is very high, can attract a large number of tourists and form multiple repeated consumption, is one of the equipment that can bring a lot of profits to the project.

In the case done by guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd., take the investment of 80-90 acres of medium and large water parks as an example: the civil construction cost is about 10 million, including the civil construction of the tsunami pool, the civil construction of the drifting river, the civil construction of the water slide, and the landscape , Hardened roads in the park, changing rooms, toilets, ticket offices, parking lots, etc. Water park equipment costs 15 million, including large slides, small slides,Large-scale water houses and villages, artificial wave-making equipment, rafting river equipment, water play sketches, etc. The initial investment in personnel costs, advertising costs and planning is about 1 million. The above total is 26 million.

Recovery analysis: Tickets are 120 yuan/person, and the number of people who enter the park every day is 3,000. Then 360,000 yuan is credited in one day. Take three months in summer as an example: 360,000*90 days=32.4 million. Excluding cloudy days and personnel costs , it is approximately equal to 30 million yuan per quarter.

How long is the service life of general water park equipment? What should I do if the use has expired? Generally, the life of water park entertainment facilities is ten years. After the equipment expires, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation based on the use of the equipment. Those who are qualified can reapply for continued use, and those who are not qualified will be rectified.

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