Water park equipment manufacturers’ requirements for the production of water slides

Water park equipment manufacturers' requirements for the production of water slides

Manufacturers of water park equipment generally use FRP to make water slides, and their production must comply with relevant national standards.


First of all, the surface of the water slide should be smooth without any cracks, and the color should be uniform. The FRP used should meet the following 3 requirements:

1. The resin should have good water resistance and aging resistance;
2. The glass fiber should be alkali-free glass fiber , The fiber surface should have good wettability;
3. The thickness of the slide exceeds 6mm, and the thickness of the flange exceeds 9mm.


Secondly, No Defects Are Allowed On The Inner Surface Of The Water Slide.

1. Problems such as small holes, wrinkles, bubbles, poor curing, poor impregnation, cracks, defects, etc.;

2. Poor curing, poor impregnation, defects, burrs, etc. are not allowed on the back 

3. No delamination on the cut surface , Burrs and other issues.

4. Also note that the water park distance observed with the naked eye at 600mm, it is not apparent unevenness repair marks, scratches, color, Buwen, concave convex uneven, like the set of problems.  When choosing a water park equipment manufacturer, customers should choose a water slide manufacturer that strictly produces water slides in accordance with national standards.  Guangzhou Lanchao promises to strictly control the production and installation of water slides to ensure the safety and reliability of the water park slides, and customers have no worries!