The high temperature after entering the abundance brings a sharp increase in the benefits of the water park

Since entering the vault, all parts of the country have experienced high-temperature grilling for several consecutive days, and really experienced that there is no hottest, only hotter! Even going out on weekends, passing a water park is full of people, Guangzhou has officially announced that it has entered the “teppanyaki mode.” Only then did I realize that “where to stay cool and where to go” can also be a blessing. So where is it cool? In addition to air-conditioned rooms and refrigerators, it is the water park. Soak in water to really feel cool.


For water amusement, the thrilling slide project is definitely indispensable. The height of the slide platform is 20 meters, the maximum speed of the slide is 15.5 meters per second, and the maximum slope of the slide is 45 degrees. The “high-speed slide” allows you to experience the excitement of flying into the air and enjoy the thrill of racing; sitting on the floating ring, With the twisting and circling slide, you can experience the feeling of “overturning the river to the sea”, screaming and screaming non-stop along the way; there is also a “super flying carpet” sliding from the three-story platform, passing through the twists and turns After the tunnel, Fei usually rushed into the water, and in the rapid dive and jump, feel the extreme swinging experience on the water that is more exciting than Aladdin!



In the water village, the passion is cool, adults and children linger forever. As one of the representative projects of water amusement equipment , “Dashuizhai” can be regarded as a collection of the essence of water amusement and can accommodate 1,200 people at the same time. Interspersed with interactive slides and combined toys for climbing and fun, both adults and children can find their own fun here. The colorful water amusement facilities, accompanied by the reflecting blue pool water, are sparkling, full of excitement and intertwined with types of amusement projects, like coming to a fantasy playground. Lying in the water, it feels like feeling the sound of the sea, like a fish swimming freely in the sea, letting the waves beat on him.


This is not the highlight! The tsunami is reminiscent of a terrible sight. But we do water park in the tsunami pool, can accommodate a thousand people, a huge wave rushing toward us, crazy strong scenes view of the very breath, feel the same vigor and charm of the sea, the unique taste of summer water park Exciting experience.