Summer “General Examination” for Water Recreation Facilities

Summer "General Examination" for Water Recreation Facilities

As soon as the summer vacation arrives, the major amusement parks, especially the water parks, ushered in their peak hours of business. In order to ensure the safe operation of large-scale water amusement facilities , the county market supervision Bureau recently launched a special inspection of the safety of amusement facilities in a water park.

Law enforcement officers focused on inspections of equipment inspections, daily maintenance, warning signs, operators with certificates, emergency rescue, etc. of water park amusement facilities. They checked the operation of the amusement facilities on the spot and listened to the person in charge introducing the daily amusement facilities in the park Implementation of management and safety assurance work. Law enforcement personnel require users to increase their awareness of safe operation of equipment, strengthen safety management of amusement facilities, strictly implement main responsibilities, establish a sound safety management system, conduct daily operation inspections of equipment and make records as required, and require users to strictly implement emergency response Rehearsal of the rescue plan, strengthen the emergency rescue training and training of operators to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

The county market supervision bureau reminds tourists to choose amusement equipment with safety inspection signs, pay attention to “Passenger Information” and related warning signs, and obey the management of on-site staff to ensure the safety of amusement.