Structural analysis of water slide equipment

Water slide equipment can be roughly divided into two categories. One is the large water slide that has an ultra-long slide of tens of meters in value and hundreds of meters in water park equipment; the other is the kind commonly used in kindergartens with added water play function. Water slide.

    The former type of water slide equipment is for tourists to slide, and the safety and stability of its structure are very important. Water slide equipment belongs to the water amusement facility in large water park equipment. It belongs to the category of special equipment. The grade is B. Each set of equipment must be inspected, tested and accepted by the China Special Equipment Inspection Institute before it can be used after a certificate is issued. Most of the water slide equipment is installed outdoors, and the natural environment has a great influence on the slide structure. Therefore, in the design stage of the water slide, the structure must be calculated and analyzed in terms of strength, stiffness, fatigue strength, stability, overturning resistance, and side-slip resistance, to achieve the safety factor required by the corresponding specifications, and to write a formal calculation manual, and have The China Special Equipment Inspection Institute has qualified engineers to review, and the appraisal report is issued before it can be put into production. The first set of equipment must be inspected on-site by the China Special Equipment Inspection Institute professional and qualified engineers, and the type test report can be used and mass production. .

    When calculating and analyzing the structure of water slide equipment in water park equipment, permanent loads, live loads, wind loads, snow loads, seismic loads and impact loads must be considered. Permanent load is generally the topic of self-weight in water slide equipment; live load is only the load of the passenger and water load; wind load is divided into working state load and non-working state load, and the amusement equipment is designed according to the maximum operating wind speed of 15m/s Calculate the wind load in the working state, the non-working state is calculated according to the maximum wind load of the equipment installation site in 50 years; the snow load is calculated according to the maximum wind load of the equipment installation site in 50 years; when calculating the seismic load, the fortification intensity is 8 degrees , Which is equivalent to the calculation of the design basic acceleration of 0.2g; when calculating the impact load, the amusement device may have an impact during the movement, and it is generally impossible to accurately calculate it during the design. Therefore, when calculating the strength, the permanent load and live load must be multiplied by the impact coefficient. In the water slide equipment, the impact coefficient corresponding to the impact coefficient is selected according to its maximum speed.

    The water slide structure in the water park equipment includes three parts: glass steel slide, steel structure and concrete foundation. In view of the particularity, importance and complexity of the water slide equipment structure, the finite element method is introduced into the water slide structure analysis. The finite element method is suitable for various complex mechanisms in the water slide equipment and has become one of the effective analysis methods. One. After the introduction, the traditional analysis method has been completely changed, and the force analysis is more accurate and comprehensive, which is more conducive to the structural verification and design optimization of the water slide.