Rural township water park equipment projects have huge potential

Rural township water park equipment projects have huge potential

With the rapid development of rural urbanization, towns and villages have become a big consumer market. There are more than 40,000 townships in China. If a small water park is built for every three townships, there will be more than 10,000 water parks in China. Initially, investors will feel that there is no market and no potential in the rural areas, and they all focus on big cities and some county-level cities. In fact, there are many advantages to building a water park in a township. 


The first is that the investment cost is relatively low. There are a lot of idle labor in rural areas. The labor is relatively cheap, and they are all located in the surrounding area. They are also relatively stable. They are not very mobile and can be used. Moreover, the cost of land in rural areas is low. There are several acres of land, which is convenient for leasing and relatively affordable. 

Second: Small profits but quick turnover. With a large population base, the market is relatively large. The ticket price of the water park is lower, and the purchase is relatively large. Not seeking huge profits, only seeking small profits but quick turnover. 

Third: Strong concentration. There are many rallies and temple fairs in towns and towns. The population density is relatively large. In addition, some children in rural areas also have wheat vacations, and they usually spend more time playing, that is, they don’t attend a lot. The tutoring class in the city will not be like the children in the city, playing games and surfing the Internet all day, so there is a lot of market for children. 

Is it realistic to build water parks in towns? The answer is yes. The population of the township is more than 1.5 times that of the urban population. There is a lot of room for development in the township. It is no longer a dream to build a water park in the township. We can enjoy the water park without leaving home.