Reasons why indoor children’s water park equipment cannot be installed in high places

Reasons why indoor children's water park equipment cannot be installed in high places

Whether in the hot summer or cold winter, indoor children’s Lanchao water park is very popular items, plus an indoor children’s water fun park is a very comprehensive play area, but also has a multi-purpose activity center. Now most of the children’s water parks have launched many designs, not only slides, water spray sketches, but also planning a play route suitable for their own park based on their own venues. There are also in the room , but more of the design outside the room is endless, and these are constantly being praised by parents.

For the children’s playground or do not need more than three layers are arranged in four layers and even more in the basement floor inside, and many parents believe that a provision is necessary, after all, “the child’s safety to consider the more comprehensive the better “But there are also parents who disagree, “The high-rise environment of the shopping mall is relatively quiet. As long as the escape route is complete and the first-aid facilities are complete, there should be no problem.”

Regarding the “high-rise building design specifications, the children’s playground can only be set up on the first floor.” , The second or third floor, and also need to have independent safe passages.” Therefore, many managers who operate indoor children’s water parks must be careful in choosing the venue, and the choice of equipment must be careful to ensure the children’s water park. Safety. Note also that in addition to a variety of non-combustible materials are used belonging to the outer site, flame retardant material feed through combustible or flame retardant material after processing, the time to prevent fires generate toxic gases; laying electrical lines must comply with regulatory requirements , wear tube in place when using high-power appliances, and should be kept a sufficient distance from combustible; fully serviced with sufficient fire fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire do so evacuation emergency lighting and signs.