Qixi Festival, bring your partner to play in the water park

Qixi Festival, bring your partner to play in the water park

As qixi festival is approaching, the countdown is ten days, are you ready to give your couple or lover an exquisite gift? The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is the chinese traditional festival qixi festival . The qixi festival began in the han dynasty. According to legend, on this night of each year, it is the time when the heavenly cowherd and the weaver girl meet in queqiao. The weaver girl is a beautiful, clever, and ingenious fairy. On this evening , mortal women begged her for wisdom and ingenuity, and inevitably asked her for a happy marriage, so july 7 was also called the qiao qiao festival, which was later given. The legend of the cowherd and the weaver girl makes it a festival that symbolizes love.

The seventh day of july is also regarded by many young people as chinese valentine’s day. Did you invite your lover and lover on qixi festival? It’s summer now, invite your partner to the water park! When you go to the water park, you must pay attention to safety, and at the same time, you must pay attention to whether the water quality of the water park is clean. So how to judge whether the water quality of the water park is clean?

A high-quality water park and swimming pool should be equipped with a mandatory shower device before entering the swimming area, which helps to maintain the sanitation in the swimming pool. Swimming venues must compulsory foot-dipping pools, and the pool water needs to be changed frequently, and swimming places must be equipped with lifeguards and life-saving equipment. Professional lifeguards can provide visitors with effective safety protection.

If the residual chlorine content is normal and the water quality is excellent, the swimming pool water with white tiles will appear bright light blue, and some water parks or swimming pools using light blue tiles will have a dark blue effect. If the water is whitish and slightly turbid, the bacteria may exceed the standard.

The pool water with turbidity up to the standard is clear to the bottom, and it can be easily seen 20 meters away from the pool. If there is no sediment at the bottom of the pool, the foam in the pool will dissipate within fifteen seconds, which indicates that the water in the pool is often changed and is relatively clean. When there are not many swimmers, you can’t see 15 meters in the water, which is generally unqualified. If you can smell a faint smell of chlorine close to the water, it is qualified; if there is a strong medicinal smell, or even choking, it may exceed the standard, or the venue is not well ventilated; the water quality with smelly and sewer smell is unqualified.

In addition, whether a water park and swimming pool pay attention to hygiene can also be seen from certain details, such as trash cans, whether there is trash floating by the pool, and the dressing of staff . The original sanitation permit must be hung in a prominent place in the swimming place.

These are the guangzhou lanchao water park equipment be aware of when you play, ltd. to provide the water park or swimming pool water quality, good play, do not let emotions affect the water quality of the water park. Finally, I wish all lovers a happy qixi festival!