Production requirements for water slides

In water park equipment, water slides are usually made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, and its production requirements meet the relevant national standards.

On the one hand, the surface of the water slide should be smooth without cracks, and the color tone should be uniform. The glass used should meet at least three requirements: the resin should have good water resistance and aging resistance; the glass fiber should be alkali-free glass fiber, and the fiber surface should have Good wettability; thickness can not be less than 6mm, flange thickness can not be less than 9mm.

On the other hand, the surface of the water slide is not allowed to have small holes, wrinkles, bubbles, poor fixation, cracks, defects, etc.; the back side is not allowed to have problems such as poor fixation, impregnation, defects, burrs, etc.; the cut surface is not allowed Problems such as delamination and burrs are allowed. In addition, it should be noted that when observing the water park equipment with the naked eye at a distance of 600mm, the repair marks, scars, uneven color, cloth pattern, unevenness, collection and other issues cannot be clearly seen.