Lanchao water park equipment-water slide equipment quality standards

Lanchao water park equipment-water slide equipment quality standards

Lanchao water park equipment waterslide material is fiberglass. 

The glass fiber reinforced plastic material adopts alkali-free glass fiber, and the water slide equipment produced has very good water resistance and aging resistance. In the case of good water quality, the service life is generally 10 years.The Lanchao water slide is produced in strict accordance with the GB 8408-2008 standard:

  1. Defects such as poor impregnation, poor fixing, air bubbles, delamination of the cutting surface, and uneven thickness are not allowed;
  2. Thesurface is not allowed to have defects such as cracks, breakages, obvious repair marks, cloth patterns, wrinkles, unevenness, inconsistent colors, etc., and the transition at the corners should be smooth without burrs;
  3. Theglass fiber reinforced plastic parts and the stressed parts should have sufficient strength when they are directly connected, otherwise the metal parts should be embedded;
  4. Themechanical properties of FRP parts must meet the following requirements

Tensile strength /MPa ≥ 78

Flexural strength /MPa ≥ 147

Modulus of elasticity /MPa ≥ 7.3*10m 3

Impact toughness/ ≥ 11.7