Investors should not blindly follow the trend and invest in water parks, these few suggestions are worth collecting

Investors should not blindly follow the trend and invest in water parks, these few suggestions are worth collecting

In recent years, due to fierce competition, water parks in many regions are facing the embarrassing situation of not being profitable. In many cases, there are objective reasons for being unable to make a profit . What needs to be tested is the insight and thorough analysis of the investor market. How to make scientific investments? Here it is worth a few suggestions to make investment funded by deliberate.

The first point: Analyze the characteristics.

       Of the region. Analyze the climate characteristics of the investment region and whether it can achieve the profit target that investors expect. Some investors saw shanghai, Jiang area south of these latitudes, doing two months of operation period. If you go further north, the time may be shorter. To the south, the operating period will be longer. This is a question that must be considered in the preliminary investment estimation. Then there is the region, what is the market capacity of the population, and is there such a market to support it.

The second point: focus on positioning and avoid misunderstandings.

       Investors should not avoid heavy equipment and light water quality. Water park with water as the carrier core, dependent on the waters of space for water recreation, investors only if the customs note that water rides , while awareness of the importance of water treatment is not in place, then there may be off-season water standards, water treatment season If the situation is not up to the standard , if it is exposed by the media and punished by the relevant departments, it will have a huge adverse effect on the water park, and even the risk of bankruptcy.

The third point: the supporting facilities of the park should be improved.

       Driven by the current market demand, the water park equipment is developing in a higher speed and more exciting direction, and the pure stacking of equipment cannot meet the more diverse and higher-level needs of tourists. . Water parks should take tourists as the starting point to consider problems, not only to make tourists feel exciting, but also to make tourists feel safe and caring. Therefore, we have to weigh in terms of service packages. In the use of funds, entertainment equipment, restaurants, shopping malls and other entities account for the vast majority of the use of funds . However, if the shower, sunshade, rest and other facilities are not paid enough attention, the budget is cut at will, and the design plan cannot be implemented, then the water park The overall experience for tourists will also be greatly reduced.

Fourth point: Park management.

       Large-scale water parks have a relatively large one-time investment, so the construction period is very important. Don’t think that after the construction is completed, just make a publicity. water parkThe investment includes water equipment, swimming, life-saving, water quality and sanitation, etc. The government has many corresponding management departments, and the requirements for operation management are also very high. At the same time, water parks are affected by factors such as temperature, holidays, and peak summer operations. The operating pressure is relatively high. Therefore, the operation of professional teams and scientific and standardized management are particularly needed .