How to improve the utilization rate of water park equipment?

How to improve the utilization rate of water park equipment?

The rapid development of the water park industry has made large and small water parks almost all over the country. For tourists, water parks are no longer a new thing. Therefore, the era of simply relying on filling in regional gaps and taking advantage of opportunities to achieve success as in the early days is gone forever. Now the water park industry has entered a period where the market is often fierce and the survival of the fittest is fierce. So how to improve future water park the surplus profit ability?

One: Extend the opening time. The peak season for water park operations is generally july, august, and september. This is certainly affected by the season, but the demand for water is also generated because of the season. While indoor water fun park can effectively extend the play time, but in addition to the summer months, visitors and no desire to play, we can see, run by four Seasons achieve indoor water park this expensive way, is not the most sensible choice, can the passenger flow and extended operating time brought are limited.

Two: Increase passenger flow during peak seasons. At present, the passenger flow of the water park during the peak season has become saturated. The suitable time for outdoor water park activities is from july to september each year. The rest of the time is restricted by the water temperature and cannot be carried out. Therefore, extending the opening time is subject to seasonal restrictions. The main solution to the water park seasonal restrictions is to build a large indoor water park, by means of constant temperature, extended water activities, but room inside the water park will greatly increase the cost, and indoor water park will be limited space, the future can not be Increase the freshness of customers by adding new water amusement facilities.

Three: adapt to the changes of the seasons. In addition to the fact that people do not have the need to play with water in summer, a basic common sense is that people take a bath every day in summer, and may only wash once a week in winter. At the same time, when the weather is good in spring and autumn , people are eager to go outdoor activities, so water parks practitioners should not focus on extending the time of playing in the water through indoor methods.

Four: add new themes. Constantly adding new themes is a good way to attract new tourists to retain old tourists. Look for more well-equipped water park equipment manufacturers, and regularly add new equipment and new themes. It can be the solution must Waterpark idle land, idle workers, idle equipment caused huge losses, is the best path to solve the smooth transition of the water park industry.

Five: “Resurrection” of the original water amusement facilities. The main facilities of the water park include children’s water house, water village, large water slide, tsunami pool, lazy river, etc. These amusement facilities are the most important equipment of the water park. InvestmentLarge, large area, rich experience, but limited by “water”, if these facilities can be revived, the water park will have the foundation for the four seasons, make full use of the characteristics of the original equipment, and on the basis of retaining the original experience , adding a new way of heaven experience is the best way of “resurrection”, and it adds a sense of freshness compared with summer.