8 things you must know about water park construction

8 things you must know about water park construction

The social development is so fast, the demand for leisure and entertainment is becoming more and more urgent. Especially in the hot and boring summer, people can’t be satisfied with just spending a long summer in air-conditioning. At this time, they will think of going out to breathe fresh and polite. Therefore, the water park for cooling off and recreation has become a good place for people to play, causing water The park is in full capacity almost every day, so many investors have turned their goals to the construction of water parks.

So, the Lanchao water park equipment manufacturer proposed eight things that water park construction must know.



1. Water Park Site Selection

The location and scale of the water park are determined based on the local achievable passenger flow, convenient traffic conditions, consumption level and its own management team, and cannot simply imitate others. It is best to choose a location with convenient transportation, with large passenger flow and convenient transportation. As for the scale of the water park, it depends on the comprehensive factors such as local passenger flow, consumption level and management team. If you are in a northern city, the peak consumption is mainly in June, July, and August. The first reason is that these months are the summer when the temperature is high, and the water park can not only provide entertainment for tourists. It can also play a role in cooling. Second, this time is catching up with the summer vacation, because the outdoor consumer group is mainly children and children, and parents are willing to accompany them to play when they have time.


2. Water park equipment selection

In recent years, the configuration of water park equipment has been different, with relatively few body contact slides, and more inclined to large-scale compound sports water slide combinations. At the same time, the equipment configuration of the water park should consider the family consumer group, and configure more family amusement equipment suitable for all ages to avoid the accumulation of equipment and leave enough room for development. I also hope that there will be new breakthroughs, such as the configuration of water amusement equipment that can be operated all year round, equipment combined with marine life or land equipment, and so on.


3. Water Park Planning Selection

Before planning and constructing a water park, you should first find a water park equipment manufacturer to make a planning plan, and then reasonably configure the water park equipment according to the actual situation. When building the water park, there must be sufficient areas for tourists to shade and rest, commercial dining areas, and landscaping supporting areas . The water park must have new water park equipment to support its sustainable development after two or three years of operation. .



4. Water park supporting facilities

There should be a lot of water park equipment investors who like to buy foreign equipment and spend a lot of money to purchase imported FRP slides. And to ensure the normal operation of this system was not equipped enough attention: the steel structure supporting choose fiberglass slides inexperienced, but not digested, transfer of equipment supplier drawings but cheap factory production, can not guarantee fiberglass slides Good connection with the steel structure; the electromechanical products used in the water supply system are of poor quality and cannot provide stable and sufficient water; the machine room is not ventilated, sewage, or even waterproof. Without sufficient funds to guarantee the normal use of imported equipment, there is no need to spend big prices on imported products.



5. Water park design

The completeness and accuracy of water park design is especially important. One of the biggest differences between water parks and other theme parks is that the system equipment that ensures the normal operation of water amusement equipment is hidden underground. The design must fully consider the management system, water supply and drainage system of the entire park, the water supply electromechanical control system of each equipment, the water treatment system, the design of each machine room, the design of each sink, the coordinate size of each equipment foundation, and the mutual The location should be clear. Reasonably allocate tourist routes, set up corresponding shopping, dining, rest and public facilities. 


6. Water park safety 

After the design document appraisal, type experiment and inspection and acceptance of the water park equipment, it is used correctly according to the operating instructions, and the probability of accidents is minimal. However, the lack of attention to details in the construction process is the biggest cause of frequent injuries to tourists in the construction of water parks. The most common anti-skid measures, slips and falls are the most common accidents in water parks; secondly, scratches, bumps, edges, and gaps. All are hidden dangers for tourists. Therefore, during the construction of the water park, wherever tourists may come into contact, they must be handled carefully to ensure the safety of tourists. 


7. Comply with civil engineering regulations. 

The water park’s pools, machine room ducts, equipment foundations, etc. must comply with the civil engineering regulations during the construction process, and do not operate in violation of regulations in order to meet the deadline. At present, the most controversial issues in the construction of water parks are: What materials are the best for the bottom of the wave pool and sinking pool? What material is the most non-slip? The quality of civil construction is not guaranteed, and any material is useless. Most of the foundation sinking, pipe fractures, and falling off of the surface decoration of the pool in the water park are caused by the rush to the construction period. It is necessary to respect science and implement standard construction.

8. Pay attention to water purification.
At present, the water quality of most domestic water parks gradually becomes turbid, sometimes even milky white and pungent, as tourists gradually increase in peak season. In order to improve water quality, some investors import excellent filtration equipment from abroad, but the effect is not satisfactory. Water treatment is a cycle – net of filtration – disinfection – monitoring system components, system designers rely on imported Filtering equipment without a reasonable guarantee of water quality is not acceptable.