Daily management of rafting river equipment in water park

Daily management of rafting river equipment in water park

The lazy river in the water park is also called the lazy river. There are many things that need to be paid attention to in daily management. Safety issues are undoubtedly the first, so what areas need special attention?

1. Passengers need to be inquired during the business process of the lazy river. 

Most of the people who ride the artificial lazy river are children or teenagers. Some tourists will violate the riding regulations during the lazy river business, causing personal and rafting equipment accidents. When the artificial lazy river is operating, The operator should check the dynamics of each visitor regularly. We found practices or unsafe passenger behavior should be time to stop and prevent hair raw accidents.

2. Detailed inspection of the drifting river after the end of the business day.

 When the operation is over, the drifting river equipment will stop working and the equipment must be inspected. The inspection items vary by model, and the inspection should be recorded in a form and written into the operation log.
1. The content of the final inspection
2. Whether the safety gate is abnormal
3. Whether the cabin is abnormal
4. Whether the operating equipment is abnormal
5. Whether the mechanical equipment and electrical equipment are abnormal
6. Confessed items such as items that tourists forgot to bring and air compressors The vent valve, blocking the power supply and so on.

3. Record the business situation of the day.

1. Before daily operation, check strictly according to the content of the morning inspection of the drifting river, and carefully fill in the record item by item.
2. If the equipment is repaired normally or the equipment is defective or damaged during the operation, it must be repaired. the repair of equipment parts, replacement parts name, time and repair personnel name list on file save

3. After the operation of the lazy river, record the operation time, frequency, reception flow of the equipment, and the time when the equipment has problems in the operation log.