Célébrez Chaleureusement L’installation D’équipements Dans Le Parc Aquatique Au Rwanda, En Afrique

Célébrez Chaleureusement L'installation D'équipements Dans Le Parc Aquatique Au Rwanda, En Afrique

Africa Rwanda Water Park Covers An Area Of About 13 Acres. 

Around the theme of “American Village” style, presents a panoramic view of the beach resort simulation camp in a city far from the coast inland: sun, surf, sand, palm trees and romantic; tsunamis, heat waves, tides and imaginative; all kinds of water recreation equipment of Screaming experience; strolling and leisure of waterfalls, cliffs, and forest plank roads; children’s joyous world and parent-child beaches prepared for the little ones… interpret the romantic feelings of urban seaside vacation.