Analysis on the market dynamics of water parks

The water park focuses on greening, environmental art, and the creation of water features. It is not only a place for leisure and entertainment, but also a cultural attraction. It has good visual effects, gives people a refreshing sense of freshness, and is easy to produce environmental benefits. Therefore, a water park with successful investment planning, construction, operation and management will become a major leisure and entertainment project that drives the development of the tertiary industry in the local and surrounding areas. It can stimulate the development of related industries such as real estate, catering, tourism, etc., and also make the surrounding areas Real estate appreciation is faster.The development status of water parks in recent years:

1. The investment area is large, and the seasonal operation is obvious.
Some water park investment operators often ignore some objective factors, blindly develop large-scale and disorderly, and lack preliminary feasibility investigation and research. To invest in a water park, you must know the flow of tourists and the level of per capita consumption. It is not advisable to start blindly investing in development without a thorough investigation. The development scale of the water park must be matched with the effective source of tourists in the area. Conducive to the later operation and management.

2. The product has no characteristics and is more similar.
Most water parks in china still have the stage of plagiarism and imitation, the local culture is not clear enough, they have not developed their own products and entertainment projects, imitated foreign water park equipment , and lacked innovation, resulting in poor market recognition. High, it is difficult to form large-scale economic benefits, so the revisit rate of tourists will also be reduced.

3. Slow investment recovery and fast appreciation of surrounding real estate.
The profits of successful water parks in the world are mainly derived from entertainment, catering, accommodation and other facilities. Ticket income is only used to make up for daily maintenance costs and management costs. At present, most water parks in china use tickets as their main source of income and do not pay enough attention to consumption in the park. As a result, the profit growth is very simple and the return on investment is slow. High tickets will inhibit people’s desire to travel and consume.