What pools need to be built in the water park?

The amusement pool in the water park is for people to play in the water for leisure and entertainment, and it is usually equipped with different water amusement facilities. In order to create a beautiful and attractive leisure environment, most of the water parks will also be equipped with some different water features and water play sketches. So what pools should the water park need to build? The following are the reference suggestions put forward by the water park equipment manufacturers:

1.Drop pool

The high-altitude slide drop pool should be determined according to the form of the slide.The drop pool should be set separately for different slides, and the effective water depth is not less than 1.0 meters. The lubricating water of the slideway should be continuously supplied to ensure that the tourists who slid down from the top of the slideway will not have any safety accidents that cause skin abrasions due to the lack of surface lubricating water on the slideway. Therefore, the water pump that supplies the slideway lubricating water must be equipped with a backup water pump that can automatically switch.

2. Wave pool 

The wave pool is a device that uses a wave machine to create a continuous loop of waves similar to the beach in the pool, and is a device for riders to float up and down in the waves. The plane shape of the wave-making pool is irregular trapezoid. The wave-making machine is divided into three types: mechanical pusher type, air compressor type and vacuum type. Most domestic use blowers to make air compression waves.

3. Paddling pool

It has high interest and attractiveness, a kind of pool for people to enjoy leisurely. It is mainly divided into adult paddling pool, children paddling pool and toddler paddling pool. The water depth of the children’s paddling pool is generally 0.3-0.4 meters. The water depth of the children’s paddling pool is generally 0.6-0.9 meters. The pool is equipped with various forms of children’s water slides, seesaws, water mushrooms, water cannons, water spray cartoon animals and so on. The water depth of the adult paddling pool is generally 1.0 meters, and there are family water slides, blisters, water curtains, dumping fun in the pool or on the shore. When the paddling pool is equipped with a water slide, a water slide lubricating water device should be provided. The paddling pool is generally of irregular free geometry.

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